Welcome to Framed People - old 2

I'm Zain, the founder and CEO of Framed People, and I welcome each of you to our "Framed" Family!


On my very first day of first grade, while I was standing in line to sharpen my #2 pencils, I met my future best friend Devin with the opening line "nice shoes! Are they velvet?"


The only thing I wanted more than a new friend that day was those velvet shoes! They were one-of-a-kind. And from this unique eye for fashion, Framed People was born 20 years later, in 2016. Seven-year-old Zain knew what she liked: different, beautiful, and comfortable. Thanks Devin!


We at Framed People want you to join our beautiful family, each person "framed" by the unique hijab that brings you confidence and comfort in your own skin. Framed People hijabs are created through a process of examining hundreds of ethically-made fabrics, which we only acquire from fair trade, local manufacturers in California. Then, we scrutinize each selected fabric to ensure 3 key attributes: unique, stylish, and comfortable. Most importantly, from this meticulous process, Framed People hijabs strives to empower your heart by framing your overall look with beautiful modesty. Surf our site, pick your frame, and ... welcome to the family!