10 Ramadan Essentials for the Millennial Muslim

Summertime fasting, where have you been all my life?! Okay, okay, I'm actually really scared that I'm going to hit the floor around 4pm. I live in San Francisco - 8:21pm maghreb - and I feel completely unprepared for this holy month. So I decided to round up some must-have......


1. Quran

The reason for the season, you could say. It wouldn’t be Ramadan without your favorite Quran in your bag (or pocket!). I love The Quran app by It’s quite basic, but that’s what makes it so great. It’s also ad-free, so there are no distractions while you’re trying to focus. Reading Quran is an essential for all of us during Ramadan, and technology has made it so much easier to read the Quran on the go, memorize it and listen to your favorite reciters. The thought of having the Quran and tafseer to fit in my pocket is truly amazing.

2. Prayer Mat

I think it's fine time prayer mats received a proper design upgrade, and Visual Dhikr has done a phenomenal job. These prayer mats are tassel free, so no more frilly tasteless designs, and they’re padded!  Of course when you’re praying, you don’t want to be distracted by beautiful designs, but these mats are something you can be proud of and happy to pray on. The simple and sophisticated Islamic motifs will surely inspire you throughout Ramadan (and whenever you pray!).



3. A Comfortable Dress

Ramadan is a time where everyone pulls out their throw-on-and-go abayas -- and who could blame us? When you’re spending hours (and even all night) at the masjid, you have to stay comfortable. And it’s highly likely that we’re wearing pajamas underneath. Praying in pajamas is awesome, but maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch. And especially now that Ramadan is in the summer, and most abayas don’t breathe, I'm looking toward lightweight natural fabrics. I love this dress from Everlane (ethically made… hello?!). Throw it on over leggings or yoga pants and you’re basically wearing pajamas… really nice pajamas. Best part? You get to choose the price you’d like to pay!






4. Water bottle


How cute are bkr water bottles? We all know how terrible plastic bottles are for the environment, but did you know being green (and hydrated) could be SO stylish? Made of glass and styled like pieces of a haute couture collection, these bottles take reusable bottles up to another level. Staying hydrated is an essential part of Ramadan, especially after the abundance of salty foods we tend to eat. But a beautiful bottle could just be the motivation you need to make sure you get enough H2O. Bring one of these to Taraweeh prayer, and we promise you’ll have the prettiest water bottle there. I'll take one in each color, please.

5. Wholesome snacking


Late nights at the masjid during Ramadan = snacks (and prayer and spirituality, of course). But if you’re not properly fueled, you won’t be able to perform all of the Ramadan rituals at your best. While there are many halal and healthy snack bars, I'm partial to Cure. For every healthy (and delicious) bar they sell, one is handed out to someone in need locally (yay for helping our neighbors!). I mean, how much more Ramadan-y can you get?  Did I mention the founder is a fellow awesome Muslim woman - Zobaidah Falah - who based the Cure Bar on a recipe passed down from her grandmother. Amazing!

6. A Super Comfortable Hijab


French Gauze is where it’s at when it comes to summertime throw-on-and-go hijabs. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, but it’s opacity means there’s no need to wear a cap underneath - win!  You’ll need a hijab that will last from iftar to Fajr prayers, with no sliding around or annoying rearranging. Choose from our chain or zipper accent to add a pop of personality to your Ramadan ensemble.




7. This Toothbrush


Did you hear - miswak is the newest natural way to clean your teeth (eyeroll). But really, miswak is awesome and a Ramadan necessity for many of us. Just because we’re fasting doesn’t mean we should ignore our dental health, and it’s Sunnah! Miswak are available in most cities (check your halal market or middle eastern/Indian stores), but this brand has taken the traditional miswak and added a modern touch. Why yes, I think my miswak does need a nifty case, thank you.


8. Ramadan Decorations

Decorations are an important part of getting in the Ramadan spirit, and they are a part of many family traditions in Muslim homes. Traditionally decorative lanterns were used to symbolize Ramadan, but festive lights have taken on a whole other meaning. Days of Eid sells handcrafted marquees and signs, a symbol of the importance of Ramadan and a reminder to appreciate the month and celebrate the holiday. I particularly love her colorful star lanterns - so pretty!





9. Greeting Cards



They. have. scratchnsniff. samosa. cards. Nuff said.


Greeting cards are a traditional part of American holidays and I'm all for taking those American traditions and adding an Islamic twist. I love the creativity and whimsy behind Halalmark’s designs, which include super cute sets to celebrate Ramadan. No longer do you need to use generic cards to send to family and friends - these were specifically made for the occasion.

10. Mipster Emojis 


What’s cooler than being cool? Having Muslim Emojis with a hipster twist. That’s right, Mipster Emojis. Wanna let your girls know you’re on your way to the Masjed and you want them to save you a spot? There’s an emoji for that. Craving a falafel sandwich and need a picture to satisfy you? Modern Eid will satisfy your cravings! You can download their app through the app store on your iPhone! Mipster Moji away!

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